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AirMagnet Mobile and AirMagnet Enterprise Training

AirMagnet Mobile training consists of live instructor hands-on courses, including our AirMagnet Academy Certification Program, which focusses on teaching field engineers the skills required to utilize and optimize the AirMagnet WLAN mobile tools. Trainings consist of On-the-Job (OJT), On-Site, Remote-Access and In-Class courses that teach the best practices and methodologies for surveying, designing and analyzing wireless LANs using the industry’s highest in-demand tools.

AirMagnet Enterprise training and service offerings include live instructor hands-on courses designed for WLAN professions who are deploying or optimizing their own AirMagnet Enterprise system through full on-site installation and configuration services for new system installs.

Handheld Network Tools Customized Training Programs
Choose the Customized Training Program when you need to learn in depth about the LinkRunner AT, the OneTouch AT, or the AirCheck G2. Depending on the program, the training can be schedule remotely or on-site to maximize hands-on product experience.
Treinamento em OptiView XG
This virtual, two-day, instructor-led course focuses on the operation of the new OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet. Além de aprender como usar e instalar estas ferramentas de rede, você desenvolverá as habilidades necessárias para solucionar muitos dos problemas comuns encontrados diariamente em sua rede. Com os exercícios on-line, os estudantes aprenderão como abordar o monitoramento, a solução de problemas e a documentação da rede para identificar problemas em suas redes e para conseguir verdadeiras melhorias no desempenho.
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