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Assinatura Gold para o LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester


Provides a 10% discount off current Gold pricing along with 3-year price protection. On average customers can save up to 19% over 3-years by taking advantage of the 3-year Gold Membership option.

Gold Membership is NETSCOUT's comprehensive maintenance and support program. As a Gold member, you are entitled to the advanced technical support you need to fully troubleshoot the complexities of your network and your LinkRunner AT will always be up-to-date with the latest software releases.

Gold = Total Value

The economic case for Gold Membership is clear. Compare the cost of Gold to the cost of the individual services it replaces.

Typical repair service $230
Loaner unit - 2 week rental $200
Software and firmware upgrades $125
24/7 technical support per call ($199 per call/2 calls/year) $298
Accessory replacement $100
Annual Average Value $953

Benefits Gold Membership Non-Gold Membership
Software and Firmware upgrades  
Live technical support and exclusive phone dial-in number  
FREE Repair with “first in bench” priority turnaround service  
Loaner Equipment Service*  
FREE Accessory Replacements**  
Member Only Promotions  
Access to Live Technical Support Team Web, Email and Phone Web, Email and Phone
Response Time from Technical Support <2 hours <24 hours
Customer Support - Phone and Email 24x7x365 3am-8pm Eastern (M-F)
Primary Case Handling Technical Support Engineer Customer Service Agent
Knowledge Base Access
Online Training Videos

*Available in certain geographies
**Applies to accessories in the original product purchase

Loaner Units from NETSCOUT

During repair, NETSCOUT will provide you with a LinkRunner AT loaner, free-of-charge. Use this loaner unit until your own LinkRunner AT is returned – all shipping will be paid by NETSCOUT. Compare this to renting a LinkRunner AT for two weeks at an average of $200.

Unlimited No-Hassle Repair Service

If your unit needs repair, it will be handled via our priority repair service. Simply place your LinkRunner AT unit into the shipping container your loaner unit will arrive in. A return shipping label with all shipping covered by NETSCOUT is provided. During repair, we will also replace or repair any accessories you received with your LinkRunner AT that may have become defective or faulty. Gold could save you $230, the cost of a typical repair, and an additional $100 on average if accessories are found defective or faulty.

Software Upgrades

Your LinkRunner AT will never be out of date. You’ll receive access to all software upgrades, giving you the latest functionality, improving technical efficiency and troubleshooting. Software upgrades are released multiple times throughout the year with the best feature enhancements and are only available to Gold Members.

24x7 Technical Support

Extend the expertise of your staff. Gold Membership includes direct, immediate telephone access via members-only phone numbers to our world-class Technical Assistance Centers (TAC), direct access available only to Gold Members. Our centers employ a full staff of highly trained technical experts that are on call, including weekends and through the night when most network changes are implemented, to answer your complex troubleshooting questions, help you interpret the results and get the most out of your LinkRunner AT. Non-Gold Members are charged $199 (USD) per incident for priority TAC access.

Accessory Replacement

Some accessory parts are essential to your LinkRunner AT. The normal warranty on accessories is 90 days, but parts and accessories that ship with your unit will be replaced free of charge with Gold Support once qualified as defective by our technical assistance center. With an average value of $100, Gold saves you a significant expense if your accessories should fail.

“Member Only” Discounts and Promotions

Special discounts are offered to Gold members on new products, enhancements and reconditioned equipment.

Model Description 1-Year Gold 3-Year Gold
LRAT-1000 LinkRunner AT 1000 tester LRAT-1000-1YS LRAT-1000-3YS
LRAT-2000 LinkRunner AT 2000 tester LRAT-2000-1YS LRAT-2000-3YS

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NETSCOUT's Gold Membership may not be available in all countries. Please confirm with your NETSCOUT representative before purchase. Full terms and conditions can be viewed at:

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