Measuring the performance and availability of the SaaS applications you depend on is usually done from within your enterprise. This is good because it can give you realistic data on the performance that your users are experiencing. However, this single measurement location is often not enough to fully track down the root cause of an outage or performance problem. How can you determine if the problem is with your own network, or the SaaS itself?

In order to properly segment the problem, you also need to monitor from an independent third party location such as a data center you do not control, or in the Public Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, etc). If the cause of the problem is due to the networking and connectivity of your enterprise, you’ll be able to see that your outside location is unaffected. If all sites report problems, in addition to the  outside location, you can be reasonably sure that the problem is at the SaaS level, and is not specific to any one part of your network.

By quickly tracing the problem to its root cause, you can save valuable time by contacting the correct people right away.

Image caption: Global view of CRM performance using TruView™ Live from NetScout