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Quais são os benefícios da virtualização de rede?

01 de julho de 2015

Are you weighing the pros and cons of network virtualization? If so, you'll likely find that the pros outweigh the cons by a considerable margin. Whether your concerns are finding qualified labor, keeping costs down, improving security, or delivering apps to your users or customers faster, network performance goes up while costs go down when you choose virtualization. Here are some of the benefits:

Less Time, Effort, and Money Spent on Hardware

Hardware costs include the power it takes to operate, the labor it requires to monitor, maintain and repair, as well as replacement costs.

Hardware is one of the most expensive costs associated with running an IT department, just after the price of your IT workforce. Virtualization cuts out the need for lots of physical switches, routers, servers, etc. -- not only saving the costs of maintaining and replacing those items, but also eliminating the costs of powering those devices and paying for repairs. Virtualization improves productivity in IT by eliminating much of the work associated with upkeep and repair of all that physical equipment, and makes it easier for IT to focus on other aspects of running your business efficiently.

Less Demand for Lots of Different Technical Skills

Along with the hardware you eliminate through virtualization, you also eliminate the need to have workers trained across brands and models of all that hardware. Each time you invest in new switches, routers, and other equipment, you have to account for the time and expense of training IT workers to install, maintain, and repair that equipment. Virtualization takes care of this issue once and for all.

Speeding Up the Time to Application Delivery

Virtualization makes development, testing, and deployment of new apps a lot faster. With the power of automation tools, you can significantly reduce time to market, allowing you to increase revenue by rolling out apps quicker and roll out more of them in a given period of time.

Improved Security

Another benefit of automation is that network policies, policies governing compliance issues, and security policies can be automated, as well. This improves the security of a virtualized network. This is a huge benefit to anyone doing business online, but it is especially helpful in highly regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare, insurance, etc.

Improved Recovery Times Following a Hardware Failure or Disaster
Virtualization makes disaster recovery far simpler and faster.

Outages caused by hardware failures or some sort of a disaster can be tremendously costly. A virtualized network helps get your systems and applications back up faster, and sometimes can prevent any outage from happening to begin with. Cloud services have an extraordinary record when it comes to providing solid uptime (the industry standard is five 9's, or 99,999 percent uptime). In fact, such an outage is so rare that it makes headline news when it does occur.

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