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Quantifying the cost of network and application problems isn’t easy Solving them without the right equipment is even harder

To help you make a business case for the resources you need, download this free Cost Optimisation White Paper from NETSCOUT:  Counting the cost of network efficiency - making a business case for network and application performance improvement.

The network may be a key business asset, but it still competes for budget with every other area of IT. Teams need to make a business case for any resources they need to optimise performance of their network and applications. Making that case isn’t straightforward. How do you calculate the ROI of equipment to solve a problem that hasn’t occurred yet, or to optimise performance through better capacity management?

This White Paper looks at cost optimisation: how to quantify the cost of network and application problems and inefficiencies and make a business case for the tools to identify them, resolve them quickly and optimise performance.

The challenge is twofold:

  1. To persuade executive that their organisation’s network is a key business asset
  2. To identify budget priorities: where changes in the network are needed to avoid problems arising or improve application performance and hence productivity.

This paper helps IT teams develop a business case, as well as providing examples of how three organisations have justified the cost of optimising the performance of their networks.

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