Expert Interview Series: Jason Abate for NETSCOUT | NETSCOUT

Expert Interview Series: Jason Abate for NETSCOUT

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"Overall accuracy is crucial to the effective use of monitoring, and it is often something that is overlooked when comparing features," says Jason Abate of Panopta.

Below, Abate explains the importance of accuracy and some of his secrets to success, and gives his take on whether all businesses would benefit from availability and performance monitoring.

What is your professional background? How does it help you in your work with Panopta?

Prior to starting Panopta, I oversaw the development and operations of a large web hosting company that had a footprint of more than a dozen data centers located on multiple continents. Monitoring was a continual struggle for us. Despite trying a range of tools, we never found a really good solution and usually relied on customer complaints to alert us to major problems. These experiences led directly to the core functionality of Panopta: a scalable monitoring service designed to handle complex infrastructures operated by complex teams.

Do you think all businesses would benefit from availability and performance monitoring?

These days, practically every business has an online presence, and it's usually the first place current and potential customers will look for you. Because of this, it's key that your site is available. For businesses that are based online, especially those that operate on a recurring business model such as web hosts, SaaS application providers, or ecommerce sites, this is even more imperative; availability and performance problems can quickly destroy the trust that your customers place in you.

Unfortunately, in the online world, Murphy's law holds, and outages and downtime are a fact of life. When problems inevitably do occur, your best bet is to find out about it as quickly as possible so your team can react. Also, you should never underestimate the power of being able to respond to customers in these situations with, "We know. We're looking at it now, and things will be back to normal shortly."

Should all companies be utilizing technology like apps and software?

Any company that is looking to scale should be leveraging software as much as they can. Fortunately, there are so many options for service-based offerings that most businesses can find providers to handle most of their core functions, which lets them concentrate squarely on their primary business focus. We take advantage of this ourselves, using third-party services for a range of things such as customer analytics, help desk/customer support systems, and in-house and customer communications. These let our team devote all of their energy to building and operating the best monitoring service possible.

What are some of the things that you have learned along your path to success with the company?

One of the biggest lessons that we have learned is how much added value service providers can deliver to their clients with complex requirements. Rather than just providing a tool for monitoring their infrastructure, we play an active role to many of our client's operations teams.

A key aspect to this is engagement with our customers, which is something that everyone on our team participates in. Only by regularly talking to and working with customers can we deliver the best service possible.


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