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Real-Time Live Network Data Boosts Performance
In a world of daredevils and high stakes, being “on a wire” is to be in a constant state of danger where one mistake could be fatal. For those concerned about network management and application performance, being on a wire means coming up with a way to analyze and take action from data - the solid base of all effective network visibility and management. Any organization that isn’t able to tap into this data could find that their network is ripe for a fall.

Understanding and managing the performance of all of the applications, services, and content within a modern business is a daunting task. But by tapping into the live-wire line data of their network, an organization can easily get real-time access to all of the information needed to effectively manage their infrastructure.
In an Analyst Insight report released earlier this year from the Aberdeen Group, Senior Research Analyst Jim Rapoza discusses how leading businesses are improving network performance with live monitoring and getting ahead of network application problems—all with an eye toward increasing reliability and increasing user satisfaction.
The report outlines how organizations using real-time network data analytics have high visibility into network activities and are able to address application and network issues before they become a problem for the end users. With the ability to detect and understand network and application issues, these leading organizations also gain a significant increase in performance and reliability.
Smart organizations understand that the information on the “network wire” shows what is actually happening now. By monitoring and using this data in real time, businesses can:
  • Preempt network and application problems before they happen. By taking a proactive stance, IT teams can avert a decrease in end-user productivity
  • Increase network and application reliability. By understanding network traffic in real time, these companies can avoid the problematic issues that could take networks down for minutes or even hours
  • Increase user satisfaction. Networks should be invisible to users. By being able to react to network issues in real time, forward-thinking IT teams reduce complaints and keep end users happy
In the end, having a highly available, high-performing network isn’t a high-wire act. It’s simply a matter of a steady hand on the network’s pulse and the ability to do exactly what’s needed to fix the problem before it becomes a real issue.
Click here to read the full report and learn how real-time network and application monitoring can boost performance.
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