Top 10 Things to Ask Your Vendor – Packet Visibility for Security


10 questions to Ask Your Packet Visibility Vendor For Security, Before You Buy

As networks grow, the monitoring infrastructure that ensures applications are up and running—and running securely—need to grow too. Many IT organizations want to optimize their packet flows to ensure network security solutions have complete visibility.

If your organization is looking to traffic aggregation or packet optimization to maximize efficiency and performance of security solutions, there are 10 key questions you should ask your vendor.

Read our checklist to ensure your security systems get the right packets they require, and only the packets needed, and you get the most out of your investment.

About NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Switches

Os comutadores do fluxo de pacotes nGenius da NETSCOUT otimizam o fluxo de tráfego da rede para os sistemas de segurança e para as ferramentas de monitoramento. Estes aparelhos coletam e organizam os fluxos de pacotes, criando um plano de pacotes unificado que separa logicamente a camada de rede da camada da ferramenta. Our customers use packet flow switches to optimize and scale both their service assurance platform and cybersecurity deployments so that they can spend less time adding, testing and managing their tools.

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