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Free Hands-On Workshop: Solving the Six Worst Network Problems

Hands-On Workshop - Orlando, FL 2014

Keeping your network up and running is always a challenge, but some problems can turn it into a nightmare. We’ll cover these problems and how to uncover them quickly using the just-released Version 3 OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant:

  • Poor Infrastructure Performance
  • Network Services Failures
  • Proving it’s not the Network
  • Wi-Fi and BYOD Threats
  • Poor Wi-Fi Performance
  • Intermittent Problems

In this workshop, we’ll minimize the PowerPoint™ and maximize your hands-on time with OneTouch AT. Seating is limited by the number of OneTouch units so sign up now!

Breakfast will be provided.

Door Prize
One lucky attendee of this event will go home with the NETSCOUT’ new LinkSprinter 200 pocket-sized network tester – a $299 value!

Setembro 10, 2014
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM


7550 Brokerage Dr
Orlando , FL 32809
Estados Unidos
28° 27' 48,5352" N, 81° 23' 17,304" W
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