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Buy a five or ten pack of LinkRunner AT’s with an OptiView XG and get an additional LinkRunner FREE!

Are you getting the performance you’re paying for from vendors and service providers? What happens when the vendor says everything is fine but you aren’t so sure?

Software tools such as ping and iperf just don’t cut it because they’re based on low performance PC architectures. If you’re lucky enough to own a dedicated telco line rate performance testing system, you can verify what you’re being told. If not, you’re in the dark.

But with the OptiView XG, you can run line rate performance tests up to 1 Gbps by simply adding the LinkRunner AT.

Outfit your sites with LinkRunner AT’s and you’re ready to test performance to those sites whenever you need. And when you’re not testing performance, your team can use the LinkRunner AT’s to troubleshoot network connectivity problems in seconds.

The LinkRunner AT five-pack includes five LinkRunner AT 2000 model plus five free sets of WireView cable identifiers. The ten-pack includes a free eleventh unit plus eleven sets of WireView cable identifiers.

If you’re an XG owner, just purchase a five- or ten-pack, register with us, and get your free LinkRunner. Or buy a five- or ten-pack on the same purchase order as an OptiView XG and register it with us and you get a free LinkRunner AT 2000. That makes a five pack into a six pack and a ten pack into an even dozen. You can get one free LinkRunner AT for each OptiView XG and LinkRunner five- or ten-pack you purchase or own (up to five per customer). Offer ends December 27, 2013

(Promotion is available only to U.S. and Canadian customers only.)

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