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Say ‘Good-bye’ to Data Traffic Jams and ‘Hello’ to Satisfied Customers with Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE

A idade da mobilidade chegou, mas a onda da mobilidade somente começou a se formar, e ainda está longe de arrebentar. In the last few years, the volume of voice, data, and video communications flowing over carrier wireless networks has sharply risen. Paralelamente, os assinantes esperam uma qualidade de serviço superior, consistente apesar da utilização da rede ou o seu local - se estão em movimento ou dentro de um prédio.

Carriers are responding by upgrading their core networks and mobile access networks, whileoffloading mobile data traffic via in-building wireless (IBW) networks. As service providers migrate from 3G to 4G via Long Term Evolution (LTE), the core network infrastructure transitions from a combination of circuit-switched and packet-switched technologies to an all-IP architecture.

To unleash the full power of LTE, carriers need the right tools as they design, implement, and operate core and IBW networks; however, legacy tools weren’t developed with today’s users and production environments in mind. Tools must be intelligent, intuitive, and lightweight to help carriers quickly and cost-effectively build optimized networks. They also must be able to identify, isolate, and resolve anomalies in order to deliver the breadth, depth, and quality of services that create a competitive edge.


Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE (NTM) is the first solution to provide back-in-time root cause analysis, down to the packet level, supporting 20Gbps LTE traffic on both portable and rackmount platforms. Its plug-and-play operation automatically identifies LTE subscribers from captured traffic and then assesses each subscriber’s mobility and session management transactions, as well as identifying issues in the user-friendly UI.

An easy-to-use multi-segment analysis supports collaborative packet analysis using packets captured from multiple NTMs orother capture sources, reducing the time and effort required to isolate tough end-to-end application problems.

Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE is a rugged appliance that identifies and resolves issues before subscriber frustration grows. A solução exclusiva para análise do ponto de restrição de desempenho (PBA) descobre aplicativos automaticamente e registra as métricas de tendência de desempenho pelo servidor, pela rede e pelo site do cliente. Essas métricas mostram onde o tempo do aplicativo é gasto, identificando imediatamente a causa raiz das reclamações dos clientes relativas ao desempenho das redes. Network Time Machine also provides analysis and playback of voice and video traffic, enabling carriers to troubleshoot and monitor the entire triple play from a single appliance.

LTE network deployments also encounter a host of new application and data problems, from the backhaul to the core and datacenters in the network. Even if current monitoring systems can reach these regions - which most cannot - the end-to-end visibility needed to diagnose issues would suffer due to the high cost of monitoring every link and the lack of granularity needed to identify and fix the root cause. Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE provides the application and network visibility LTE carriers need at a lower cost and with more detailed data than other solutions.

These issues are a lot like getting stuff in traffic – performance traffic jams can have big impacts on carriers’ bottom lines. See the full story in our new infographic that details how new Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE takes the performance wheel:


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